Sponsorship Application

Curijo Pty Ltd aims at improving outcomes for and supporting individuals, teams and communities. We do offer sponsorship as a part of our business. Due to the size of our business sponsorship funding is limited as is budgeted each year. Once our annual sponsorship budget is exhausted this renews annually. We hope to grow this area as our business grows.

Sponsorship criteria

We receive sponsorship requests on a regular basis. Curijo sees value in sponsorship arrangements that help foster positive relationships between Curijo and the community. Each sponsorship proposal is evaluated fairly against the range of criteria listed below.

Curijo have recently reviewed the Sponsorship Program, which is our way of giving back to community.

We will be looking at sponsorship applications bi-annually, sponsorship applications will be accepted via our website for consideration in October and April each year. This will be open for the entirety of each month, please ensure the application is submitted on or after the first day of the month and on or before the last day of the month.

If you submit a sponsorship application during this time, your application will be reviewed in line with our Curijo vision and values, a panel will consider each of the applications in November and May each year and an outcome will be provided to each applicant on completion of the review.

Applicants should address the following criteria to see whether your sponsorship proposal meets our requirements:

Does the sponsorship’s values align with those of Curijo which are:

  • We are respectful – we base all interactions on respect
  • We are reliable — we do what we say
  • We are professional – we exercise professionalism on all levels
  • We demonstrate expertise
  • We solve problems inventively and work flexibly within a framework
  • We are culturally safe – we treat everyone as an individual and respect difference
  • We are approachable – we are always open to listen

We are willing to accept submissions for sponsorship (if funds are available) for areas including education, sport and community programs. We will determine whether the sponsorship aligns with our business strategy, has sufficient stature to be seen alongside the Curijo brand and will assess the value-add role Curijo will play as a sponsor.

Our reputation and brand is very important to us. We won’t consider sponsorship opportunities that relate to or contain:


  • Extreme or violent themes, including high risk activities or extreme sports
  • Politically sensitive or controversial subject matters
  • Themes damaging to our brand or Indigenous business
  • Any project that discriminates on the grounds of sexuality, race, age, disability or gender.

If you are wanting to apply for sponsorship, please provide a submission for approval via the online form or by downloading a PDF copy and emailing to info@curijo.com.au . Please contact us via email if you have questions (i.e. available funding).

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your sponsorship application.


Curijo Management

To download a PDF copy of this form, please click here.

Mawang Brothers Football Team for the Survival 9s (January 2018)
Mawang Brothers Football Team for the Survival 9s (January 2018)


“The sponsorship Curijo has provided Orange United Warriors has enabled us to be a strong competitive club in 2021 both on and off the field. We were able to provide our players with quality playing uniforms and training gear, resulting in players having a strong sense of pride and belonging. As you are aware we are a family orientated club that aims to support our members to build social capital, and often this is centred around the drinking culture of football clubs. Your support has helped us to not have a bar at our games. The bar facilities was used to raise money for the club. This year due to your sponsorship we have not had to do that. This felt good for our club to further implement the values to not only our supporters but supporters of other clubs who travelled to play in Orange. The sponsorship also allowed the club to further establish itself as a leader in introducing our young Aboriginal kids into sport with this year having our United Warriors junior girls league tag teams play for the first year under our United banner.

Being an Aboriginal business your logo alone has installed pride and passion not only in our players and committee members but the whole of our community who supports our club not only in rugby league  but across our other sports of netball, basketball, league tag and hockey. The logo was always a conversation starter when seen worn by our players and supporters, this with the ten’s of thousands social media comments and likes has thrown CURIJO’s name out into the sporting arena right across Orange and the central west region not to mention the far reaches of social media.

All of our players, supporters and committee members would like to thank CURIJO for your generous sponsorship for the 2021 season, both our men’s and women’s team made it to last weekends Grand Final unfortunately both teams lost, but as a club in only our second year ( of rugby league, we have been established in other sports for the last 7 years) we have taken this as a massive win for our club and this would not have been possible without the support of CURIJO.”

Sponsorship Application

Sponsorship Application