About us

Curijo is proudly a certified, majority Aboriginal-owned, profit for purpose company delivering high-quality, tailored professional services to meet the diverse needs of leading organisations and professionals, from grass roots through to senior executive management. Working together for the mutual benefit of all through a culturally safe and strength-based approach incorporating our two-way learning philosophy.

Headquartered in the Illawarra region NSW with staff throughout ACT, VIC and QLD, we provide professional services across both mainstream and Aboriginal sectors. Our team is agile and community-focused with extensive senior experience within corporate, community and government sectors.

We are a values-based company that models reconciliation and Aboriginal-self determination. Passionate about Indigenous engagement to increase self-determination, equity and prosperity for Aboriginal peoples and all Australians through Connections, Leadership, Truth-Telling and Education.

Curijo has also built a network of trusted partners in a range of industries who complement our expertise to deliver high quality services and products.


We believe we have an exclusive business, with a unique approach that is innovative, well regarded and goes to solving client and community problems in a pragmatic, agile, expert and economical way. Our culturally safe approach sees our staff wholly committed to our aims. We highly value all our staff, what they do and the contributions, knowledge and expertise they bring. We see this time and time again in our client feedback and this is something we are very proud of.

Our core values underpin everything we do


We provide opportunity internally and externally to all we interact with.


Focus on quality and exceeding expectations


Sustaining a team that loves working together

Cultural Safety

Culturally safe service delivery


Working in reconciliation for Aboriginal Australia


Working for the mutual benefit of all. 


Our team of facilitators and consultants are highly skilled, experienced and capabilities driven to deliver high-quality services to a professional standard. Our directors and our team, are made up of both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, with specialised areas of expertise, are passionate and committed to great outcomes. Collectively, our team brings independent thinking, the ability to relate to others on a professional level and commitment through proactive client services, delivered through sound methodologies.


Belinda Kendall

Chief Executive Officer and Business Lead

Tina McGhie

Chief Operating Officer and Delivery Lead

Belinda Coleman

Scheduling and Quality Lead

Bill Pritchard

Consulting Practice Manager/Cultural Services Capability Lead

Samantha Butcher

Business Manager

Ingrid Morgan

Adult Education Practice Manager/L&D Capability Lead