Sensory Bears – Light Grey Polar Fleece (Limited numbers available)

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Think, Feel, Do, Sensory Bears

Think Feel Do Bears can help children and adults understand and communicate their story through thinking about their words, feelings and actions. The fabric bear is filled with rice or beads, and decorated with a brain, heart and paws.

The Think Feel Do sensory bear is a tool/concept that grew out of a presentation given at the Australian Childhood Trauma conference in 2016 ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ and a concept used in the work of Richard Rose’s Therapeutic Life Story work ‘Think Feel Do’.

The Think Feel Do sensory bears can be personalised, decorated, thrown, worn, fiddled with, talked to and talked through. They can aid in regulation and can elicit imaginative play and a different voice to our own or that of the child. Think Feel Do bears can be imperfect, incomplete and gender neutral and can appeal to all ages and can be made from a range of materials. Think Feel Do Bears are a blank canvas for children to create their own story.

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