Curijo | Our New and Exciting Cultural Experience

Our New and Exciting Cultural Experience

Our New and Exciting Cultural Experience

Join us for an exclusive cultural experience for organisations and teams who are fully committed to the spirit of Reconciliation – with Aboriginal Culture and within one’s own self and team.

As part of our new partnership with Dharwra Tours, we are excited to announce our unique two- day Cultural Experience package. This workshop allows participants the opportunity to experience Ngunawal country with a Traditional Custodian, as well as learn about historical and contemporary histories and cultures by Aboriginal facilitators. Our culturally appropriate and informative tour challenges perceptions in a safe environment with Indigenous peoples. This unique experience allows participants to be immersed in both formal and on country learning to develop knowledge of peoples, cultures and histories. It provides opportunities to develop practical strategies to move forward through understanding of cultural safety and reflective practice in the spirit of Reconciliation.

The experience aims to provide opportunities for: –

  • Self-reflection and development through a powerful and inspiring learning environment
  • Reconnecting and understanding little known Australian history to develop a greater knowledge and expertise
  • Drawing on the strengths of Aboriginal culture and deepening the leaders’ kit bag of capabilities
  • Original learning experiences which inspire creative and innovative thinking
  • Experiencing the real and an opportunity for new connections and friendships

We welcome you to join us as we embark on this exciting journey ahead. We invite you to contact us to discuss your organisation or business’ needs so we can tailor a personalised package or call on 0407517844 or 02 6285 4802 to book your session.

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