Curijo | Curijo Launches Motivational Maps

Curijo Launches Motivational Maps

Curijo Launches Motivational Maps

Curijo is the only Aboriginal business in Australia that is an accredited Business Practitioner. Curijo also has four Aboriginal staff members accredited as Licensed Practitioners. Motivational Maps ® is a unique ISO accredited online self-perception inventory that helps individuals, teams and organisations to understand motivation and how this knowledge of motivation can be used to enhance performance.


As motivation is a key pillar of performance and productivity, understanding how individuals are motivated in the workplace assists all of us to put in place the strategies that have the most impact. Motivational Maps ® provide the insight required to assist individuals, teams and organisations to make a difference through better engagement, productivity, team performance and team work. Our specialised staff can use this tool to unpack and understand an individual’s motivation and how to use this information to set the correct strategies and work environment.


Through measuring emotional energy, Motivational Maps ® assists with overcoming personal and career development issues and is a fantastic tool to re-motivate and empower demotivated staff. In understanding motivation at a deeper level, diversity and conflict within teams can be managed and organisational progress turbo-charged.


As a licensed business practitioner, we can accredit your staff to become licensed practitioners themselves, which is useful for those recruiting and wanting a price-effective solution for team insight.


Recent individual and team mapping conducted by Curijo with a Commonwealth Department’s HR Division team has received great feedback. Motivation is at the core of everything and Curijo is excited to grow this area of our business and give individuals, teams and organisations advice on how to harness the power of motivation.


What motivates you and how can you use this to enhance your performance? Contact us for more information.

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